Summer Abode in New York City


Scenic view from the unfinished roof, June 2009.

Scenic view from the unfinished roof, June 2009.

So I am sitting in s’Nice right now, enjoying a nice ice coffee.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could get onto the Internet because the last time I visited  my laptop refused to connect.  This just means that I will be frequenting s’Nice more often now.  I l-o-v-e this place!  I have not visited Cake Shop yet, which is suppose to be comparable and is only two blocks away from my LES apartment.

Anyways, my plan for today is to finish my letter home, which is a required LAPI component.  It is not an unreasonable request since I received funding from them; I just have to report back in two pages.  Then I am going to upload WordPress and play around with different web hosts.  I have got to start designing the new DUU website!  Yes, it has taken me this long.  My life has been pretty hectic these past two weeks…

Saturday, May 23 I packed everything into two suitcases and took a JetBlue flight to JFK.  From there, I rode the LIRR to Penn Station, took my first official NYC taxi, and arrived on Orchard Sreet.  Since my roommates were vacationing in the Hamptons, I had to pick up the apartment keys from the Roasting Plant (simple coffee place; even though they are just downstairs, I have yet to get coffee/tea from them).  It was Memorial Weekend, and the streets were crowded.  It took me the rest of the afternoon to unpack, hang up my clothes, and layout all my things.

My room, June 2009.

My room, June 2009.

Tina (my sister) and her boyfriend Adrian paid a visit with a bouquet of lychee in hand.  We went out to Congee Village, which has the best Asian-styled chicken.  We walked around the block so that I could get familiarized with the neighborhood.  It was a good first day in the city.

Sunday, May 24 The next morning I decided I would run the Williamsburg Bridge, which is about four blocks east of the apartment.  Considering the amount of time it took me to run it, I would say the Bridge is about 2 miles long.  I could Google it, but I would like to keep believing that I am running 2 miles every time I do the run.

Apartment complex interior, June 2009.

Apartment complex interior, June 2009.

Scenic view of Mid-Town from the unfinished roof, June 2009.

Scenic view of Mid-Town from the unfinished roof, June 2009.

Since the roommates were gone, I decided it would be a good day to get my furnishings together.  So I went to Ikea!  They have a free ferry that runs from Pier 41, I believe, to Red Hook, Brooklyn.  The ride provided scenic views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  Anyways, Ikea was packed with families and couples.  I thought I could get in and get out, but it took me a good hour and a half to find the items I was looking for, which were the Tryta bench, mirror, and trash bins.  By the time I returned and put together the furniture, it was time to meet up with Tina.  We had great Mediterranean food at this place in the Upper East Side.  I forget the name of the place.

Apt. 18's small bathroom, June 2009.

Apt. 18's small bathroom, June 2009.

Monday, May 25 Memorial Day 2009.  Valerie and I made plans to meet up in Central Park for a picnic lunch and boat rowing.  It seemed as if everyone had the same idea of hanging out at the Park because it was packed.  Every patch of grass was taken by sun-bathing couples, families, and friends.  It was great.  First, we stopped by Whole Foods and Bouchon Bakery on Columbus Circle to pickup some food.  Then we headed into the park and claimed our spot on a rock.  We talked about college life, boys, and plans for the summer; girl time of course.

Valerie rowing at the Central Park Lake, Memorial Day 2009.

Valerie rowing at the Central Park Lake, Memorial Day 2009.

After winding through the Park, we finally found the Loeb Boathouse and waited in line for a rowboat.  The line went quickly, and before we knew it, we were on a boat.  Navigating out to the open water was quite hilarious to say the least.  Since the boats were being launched from one dock and since nearly everyone was a novice rower, it was as if we were playing bumper-boats all the way out.  From there, the lake split off into two channels, and the crowd of boats finally thinned out.  We had an hour all to ourselves to row, rest, and enjoy.

Bethesda Terrace interior, Memorial Day 2009.

Bethesda Terrace interior, Memorial Day 2009.

Later that night, I had dinner with Tina at Sea, another random sister dinner get together.  They had good drunken-noodle.

Tuesday, May 26 Now that I had furniture, it was time to go shopping for clothes.  I was on the hunt for a cardigan and clutch to go with my black dress for the Arts & Business Council’s 2009 Encore Awards later that night.  It was so difficult to find what I needed that I simply resorted to a wallet clutch and an old black cardigan.  Oh well.  The event was very insightful into what it is that Arts & Business Council does.  They had the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs present; two Alvin Ailey dancers performed a piece; and the caterer served sorbet from tooth paste dispensers–I suppose that’s not relevant to their work but nonetheless very cool.

The roommates, Liz and Monica, and returned home by now, but I hardly saw they them that day since they had work and then MoMa’s Annual Garden Party to attend.

Wednesday, May 27 I was at a lost.  I went running, but then didn’t know what to do with the rest of the day.  At first, I decided to go to Century 21, which was a waste of time, definitely not worth the hype.  Then I thought I would try to get into The Colbert Report, but I arrived to early, then walked around and back, but I was still too early.  Then I decided to just leave (I found out later in the week the show was off the air for the week anyways).  Wednesday was gone before I knew it.

Thursday, May 28 At the suggestion of my mom, who had returned the weekend before from a LA museum-heavy trip with my dad, I decided to spend most of my day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I went on three separate tours:  The Guided Tour, Art of Dress, and European Masters.  They were all very well led by three separate well-dressed, elderly ladies.  I absolutely loved the Art of Dress tour.  It was surprisingly good even though I was expecting it to be a tour on their new fashion exhibit.

Later that afternoon, again not knowing that the late night television shows were not taping, I went to the David Letterman taping studio only to see a sign that said they were not taping until the following Monday.  So then I decided to pay a visit to Town Hall to see if I could get Grizzly Bear tickets for that night.  While they did not have any available for that night, they did have 2 for the next.  Since I was planning on meeting Michelle then, I snatched them up.

Friday, May 29 Thinking back, I am not too sure what I did on Friday…  I do know that I met up with Michelle at Sapporo and had a delicious bowl of ramen noodles.  We talked about school, nightlife, and respective internships.  Then we headed over to Town Hall, which is I believe a theatre built at the turn of the century.  There was a sense of grandeur in the architectural details: chandelier lighting, crimson velvet seats, and floral crowning.  Against the stage curtain, they hung two dozen or so lanterns in a zig-zag pattern, which provided an interesting light show while Grizzly Bear performed.

Here We Go Magic was alright, nothing out of the ordinary.  The drummer was very entertaining though; he was this lanky, twenty-some, lanky-haired guy sitting behind this comparatively small leveled drum kit.  Without him, the band’s sound would unravel because it was his beats that kept the songs somewhat interesting.

Grizzly Bear was goose-bump good.  They opened with Southern Point off of their latest album.  Everyone was enraptured by their performance.  Seeing them in a theater setting was the best choice I could have made that week.  In fact, it was so good that I decided to buy their shirt and CD while Michelle bought their poster.

Saturday, May 30 Monica was out of town, visting a friend in California while Liz decided to go visit her mom in Philadelphia.  So I was left to my own devices once again.  I went on Williamsburg Bridge run number 3, quite the accomplishment I must say.  Then I met up with Valerie to go flea market shopping.  We visited the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, where I got a $5 leather purse, quite the find.  After that, we ventured over to Fort Green, Brooklyn for the Brownstoner Flea Market, much more expensive then the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.  But the food was great!  Definitely go there for the food vendors.

And that was Saturday…

Sunday, May 31 It was finally Sunday, the day before the internship.  Tina called and invited me to brunch with Grace (Alice’s sister) at Atlantic Grill.  So off I went for the Upper East Side.  It was delicious, had a avocado-crab omelette with home fries.  Afterwards Tina and I went to Alice’s Teacup and picked up a scone for on the go.  From there, we split, and I headed out to Brooklyn for a Target run.  Somehow I ended up paying Tina a visit at her apartment and had take-out with her and Adrian.

Monday, June 1 Day number one of the internship.  The interns, mentors, and supervisors all met up for breakfast at ConEd.  The bingo extravaganza was the best part of the event.  We found out who of group are the band groupies, tweeters, and singers.  Then off to work we went.

I returned to the Arts & Business Council office in mid-Manhattan.  Beautiful building.  Anyways, I met everyone in the office and joined in on the onging orientation session, which Alex and Lindsey (the two AFTA summer interns) had already started.  Selena, my supervisor showed me how to use the phone, hyperlink files, etc.  I got to talk to Fran and learn a bit more about the business volunteer program ABC/NY runs.

Tuesday, June 2 Pretty uneventful.  Attended a internal AFTA social media webinar with the DC office, recorded my voicemail message, talked with Will, and had lunch with the office.  Used Tina’s gym membership and went to Equinox in SoHo; I suppose that was the highlight of the day…

Wednesday, June 3 Time Warner was holding its Conversations on the Circle series, which ABC/NY was invited to so I went to that with Selena and Will.  Very well organized.  The breakfast spread was quite extensive and well displayed.  They had yogurt parfaits in champagne glasses, scones, muffins, you name it they had it.  The panel discussion that day was led by Rick Sanchez of CNN, and they had individuals from the Barbarian Group, Appsavvy, and Lila King of iReport.  They talked about social media outlets as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.  I thought it was interesting how they framed social media as a means to hold a conversation with the public versus a means to sell a product.

After returning to the office later that morning, I sat in on another social media webinar.  Interesting, yes, but I do not recall the specifics.

Thursday, June 4 Day three (but my day two) of Time Warner’s Conversations on the Circle.  “The Best Creative Content Online” was not what I was expecting.  The moderator was from and the panel included individuals from, Funny or Die, and producer of Children’s Hospital (online television series).  I thought it would be about designing websites, but the focus was on creating web-based videos.

Worked on logos at the office and had a lunch conference alongside Alex and Lindsey with the DC interns and CEO Bob Lynch.  The takeaway:  Bob is tight with Robert Redford.  Apparently, the NEA budget passed this year because Robert Redford gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi a personal call on behalf of Americans for the Arts the night before the House vote.  And according to Emily, who works in BCA, another AFTA devision, John Legend is Bob’s second number two man.

Later that night, I went over to Brooklyn for an exhibit opening at MoCADA, where Kaye (one of the summer interns) is working.  Patty, Natalia, Alberto, and Alba were all there as well.  We met up with Alton, who then showed us around; after party at Kif and then Drom for Nelson’s (my mentor) fiance’s (Laina) Rwanda fundraiser event.  It was very fun and was a great opportunity to get to know everyone better.

Friday, June 5 Not much happened on Friday.  It was National Doughnut Day though so John brought in two dozen doughnuts for the office.  Selena and I finally got the opportunity to talk about my summer project(s) so that was a good way to round out my first week at ABC/NY.

After work, I went to a Manhattan New Music Project concert since Natalia (another summer intern) invited us.  MNMP was featuring saxophone player Colin Stetson and cellist Erik Friedlander.  Amazing stuff – Stetson’s songs have this constant droning undertone, overlayed with melodic melodies while Friedlander’s songs are Middle Eastern but experimental.  The interns headed out to Astor Place, but we split up from there.

Saturday, June 6 Dim sum in Flushing with my mentor Nelson, Liana, and crew.  So Nelson decided to invite me to dim sum with Deeja, who he went to Hong Kong with for his master’s program, and Allison, John, and their baby Kaz, who he knows from Liana.  Great food, just a bit on the long side.  Very interesting conversations in the end about ice cream trucks selling crack…

Laundry and Equinox rounded out my day.

Sunday, June 7 Here we are with today.  Still at s’Nice after three hours.  I am planning on going to a Chelsea Opera show at a some church in the of course the Chelsea area.  Updates in the future…


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